2018 K-12 InVenture Challenge Official School Registration Form

Please note that we can only guarantee *at most* 1 spot in the state finals for each school at this time. 
Additional teams will be invited at the discretion of the organizers if space permits. Space will depend on the final venue and number of schools participating. Final allocations will be determined by January, 2018.

Primary Teacher Contact
Other InVenture Challenge Teachers
Implementation & Timeline
Note that teams must be both selected and REGISTERED for state finals NO LATER than February 14, 2018!
Team Information
Select the grade levels from your school that would like to participate in the K-12 InVenture Challenge.

For state finals, the maximum team size is 3 members.

Pitch Day is an (optional, online) opportunity for students to upload an unedited 3 minute (or less) video explaining their problem and ideas for addressing it. Members of the GT and professional community will then log on and provide feedback to the students. This does NOT need to be a polished pitch-- rather, it is a way of getting early feedback on a problem/ idea before the team is too far along. We recommend participating EARLY (Oct/Nov), if possible.
Feedback will be provided as quickly as possible, generally within a week after uploading.
Demographic information is extremely helpful for us in communicating our impacts to stakeholders and understanding where we need to grow.
Please provide the approximate number of InVenture students at your school in each gender category:
(NUMBER not percentage!)
Please provide the approximate number of InVenture students at your school in each ethnic background category:
Grant Fund Request
We will offer a limited number of grants to support ONLY the following: Travel to GT (state finals, capstone expo), Prototyping expenses, Substitute Teachers. This year, these are the *only* acceptable use of funds. If you check yes, you will be asked to provide a budget of up to $200. If you have MORE than 30 students participating in InVenture at your school, you may apply for up to $300. Preference will be given to schools demonstrating need. Grants are subject to funding availability. You will be notified by November 1, 2017 if you are eligible for grant funding.
If requesting grant funds, please provide a brief budget for how they will be used. The maximum budget is $200, unless you have more than 30 InVenture Challenge students participating at your school, in which case, you may request up to $300.
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