What to Bring


Please remember to bring a Signed Parental Release Form for each student on the trip. Please organize these alphabetically to turn in at check-in on March 11th. Also, please tell your students to dress in their team attire (professional, matching t-shirts, etc.) but wear shoes that they can stand and walk in easily.  There will not be a convenient area to change so, students should come in their appropriate attire!


Every student must have a signed GT Parental Release Form to be on campus. Please turn these in at check-in.

Also, please don't forget to bring:

  • Backboard or Poster display explaining the product and design process
  • Trifold boards are encouraged but display cannot exceed the following dimensions
    • Depth (front to back): 30 inches
    • Width (side to side): 48 inches
    • Height (floor to top): 108 inches
  • Photos and/or video of prototypes
  • Professional clothing and comfortable shoes
Optional elements:
  • Physical prototypes
  • Engineering Design Paper
  • Engineering Design Notebook or Log
  • Matching Team T-shirts
  • Snacks and water bottles

***Please do not bring any sharp objects (such as scalpels, knives, or box cutters) or any weapons of any kind. These items will need to be removed before entering the Georgia Tech Student Center.