Requirements and FAQ

Competition Requirements

Useful downloads:

2018-2019 requirements and rubric coming soon! In the meantime, here is the 2017-2018 information:

K-12 InVenture Challenge Project Requirements

K-12 InVenture Challenge Judge Rubric


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum team size?

The maximum team size is three people.  We accept solo member teams, but we do not recommend it.

How many teams can I bring to the state finals?

We can promise one team at the moment.  We will increase that number as capacity permits. We will inform you of the number of teams approximately two months prior to State Finals.

How many students/parents/etc. can I bring to campus?

You are responsible for bringing enough chaperones to accompany your group.  We will invite as many additional students and parents as we can accommodate.  If your group is planning to attend the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize after the state finals, we will have limited ticket availability.  We will inform you of your approximate ticket allotment by January preceding the State Finals.